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Our focus is advancing our technical skills, and in every project, we strive to take our craftsmanship to the limit. Throughout our process, we want to be inclusive and broad-minded.  We always try to find new solutions to complex issues, and together, we can find a path forward. 


To join materials, we apply different methods; resistance spot welding, MIG welding, and TIG welding. We also weld diverse materials, such as raw steel, aluminium and stainless steel. This enables the assembly of components that require, for example, higher strength or where parts are joint before surface treatment.


Die pressing is a sheet metal forming process that requires knowledge and understanding of the material. Several factors affect the steel’s characteristics throughout the bending process. We offer a wide variety of standard dies, and when needed, we’ll find the specific machine tools for your project.


Some assembly needs to be done by hand: pop rivets, blind rivets, and press screws, often used in a spectrum of constructions within various industries. We work with a range of brands and models that simplifies the detail itself or allow later assembly. If requested, we will also take care of the final assembly and packing.


Punching is a forming process using a tool to displace a specific shape of the workpiece via shearing. It’s a very cost-effective process. As we have access to a variety of machine tools, we can quickly get the job done. And if you have specific needs that will require a new tool, we’ll get started within just a few weeks.


Pressing is an automated process using forming tools. We work mainly with steel coils, making it a rapid and efficient process suitable for larger-scale series. With continuous-feed pressing, we can produce complex details at higher pace. For finishing the product, we use eccentric pressing to assembly additional attachments and implements. 

Automated assembly line

We offer an advanced and fully automated assembly line, including robots and vision techniques for monitoring. High-quality equipment and extensive expertise within this field also result in high capacity and cost-efficiency.

Laser cut

Laser cutting is a rapid and efficient method suitable when embossing is not needed. Already at the design stage, you have great choices regarding the shape of the contour, as the laser can cut based on your wishes.


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